Fossil Energy


  • The aim of the group is to undertake advanced research in the field of clean coal science and technology with the intention to:
  • Contribute to the economy and prosperity of all people in South Africa in the field of the provision of energy and chemicals from coal by developing alternative or improved processes by using available coal reserves, taking into consideration the conservation of a clean environment.
  • Contribute to the international knowledge base of coal science and technology, which will be obtained by publishing articles in highly acclaimed international subject magazines, delivering speeches at conferences of international esteem and by cooperating with international centres of expertise regarding matters of common interest.
  • Train highly schooled manpower for the South African labour market irrespective of race or religion.
  • Undertake advanced training (research and course work) in selected areas of clean coal technology applicable to the South African industry/economy.

Research areas: Clean coal technology, including:

  • Energy and chemicals from coal burning, and gas formation
  • Coal mineralogy
  • Coal refinement                                                          


  • Postgraduate course in coal technology (bi-annually) with WITS
  • Gas formation kinetics of high ash coal
  • Burning kinetics of high ash coal
  • Coal-break characterisation

Mineral transformation gas formation