Hydrogen energy



The hydrogen energy sub-programme also contributes to the economic development of the country through the training of highly schooled manpower for the developing industry. The main focus area of the research will be to utilise process heat that is generated by a PBMR for the production of hydrogen to provide for the proposed future hydrogen economy.

Research areas:

  • The evaluation and improvement of developing water fission technologies to produce hydrogen such as the HYS and iodine-sulphur processes.
  • The use of the by-product oxygen in downstream processing such as POX and WGS to increase hydrogen production.
  • Chemical reactor design and process configuration optimisation.
  • The development of alternative nuclear hydrogen production technologies such as plasma-arch reactors.
  • Safety standards and regulation requirements that are applicable to nuclear hydrogen production.
  • Electrolyser research and development.
  • Process control strategy development.
  • Techno-economic evaluations of hydrogen production technologies.