Energy Management


The aim of this research group is to accept multidisciplinary research projects and networks in view of developing and applying renewable and sustainable energy production, storage, transport, distribution and end-use systems and technologies. Our medium-term goal is to become a one-stop access point for all energy-related resources as well as to promote commercial business entities. It can be done in collaboration with industrial as well as other direction partners.


Firstly, it is the aim of the group to establish a centre of experts in the field of biogas technology to provide in the needs of the rapidly expanding biogases industry in South Africa.

Secondly, the group aims to make an impact on the industry by means of research at a high level that can be practically applied to position South Africa strategically as a leader in the biogases world industry, and to investigate the current lack of electricity provision to rural communities.

Thirdly, the group has a postgraduate training course in view that will prepare students for a career in the biogases industry.

Fourthly, the group wants to be actively involved in equipping rural communities to become self-sufficient in order to provide in their own electricity and fuel needs by means of community-related research projects.