Teaching-Learning Organisations

The focus of the Research Focus Area is Education as Praxis and aims to bridge theory and practice, to address and reflect with collective action on the challenges, effectiveness and productivity for the transformation of education for democracy.

The two main project-groups are:

  1. Working environments and the curriculum: the focus and aim are on the social aspect or modality of reality, in the sense that it is aimed at contributing to personal and social well-being, and addresses social injustice. The two main projects are Working Environments and Human Rights in Education.
  2. Teaching-learning praxis focus on self-directed learning and literacies with selected strategies and identified to theorise and to promote theory intopraxis, particularly in terms of social (re)construction and represented in different subject disciplines. The two main projects are Self-directed Learning and Literacies in Education

Contact Information

Contact information

Director: =27 (0)18 2994780


List of NRF rated researchers

C-rating: C Roux; PC van der Westhuizen; JH van der Walt; C Wolhuter

L-rating: L Woods


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